The World's Most Intelligent Doorbell

Chui is an intelligent doorbell that uses facial recognition to make your home keyless, secure, and individualized. With Chui, your face becomes a key that can unlock the front door, while enabling connected devices tailored to your preferences. Relax in confidence, knowing Chui will automatically notify you and your loved ones of who's at the door. Sleek and stylish, Chui does more than enable a house that is smart – Chui shapes a home that is you.

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Can Chui be fooled by holding up a picture?

No, Chui uses innovative computer vision techniques to verify its not an image.

Will Chui be based on the Raspberry Pi??

No, the Raspberry Pi has served as a great development and prototyping board but the final design will feature an internally developed custom board.

Does Chui ship internationally?

Yes! Once we are able to aggregate the international orders we will send out estimates for shipping costs.

Can Chui be stolen?

Chui is registered to your account and can only work with our web application. You’re prompted to approve if someone tries to register it to another account, effectively rendering any stolen Chuis useless. No information is accessible on any stolen Chui, and will come with a secure mounting bracket making it less than desirable for a thieving scoundrel to pry off of your house.

Can Chui be used with batteries?

Chui requires a power source. If you wish to see a battery powered Chui please let us know on [email protected]

Can Chui identity people in the dark/poor lighting conditions?

Yes! Chui can work in less than optimal lighting conditions. Although we recommend testing the lighting conditions before installing the device as you would for any camera.

Can I cancel my reservation if I change my mind?

We would be sad to see you go but yes if you decide your money would be better spent on a months worth of Mac Ds we can’t blame you...

What happens when there is an internet outage?

Chui will continue to function without any issues, and will process images and deliver notifications as soon as the connection returns.

Is Chui weather resistant?

Yes, we would not recommend trying to drown him though...

Does Chui replace my current doorbell?

Yes, Chui’s mounting bracket can be screwed into your door frame over your existing doorbell. Chui is powered through the existing doorbell wiring.

Will Chuis cord be visible with the final design?

No, Chui will be wired through the back of the device.

Is there a fee to use the web application?

The web app will feature a freemium model that will cover most home owners. With an added fee for those that require extra storage and added features.

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